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Screenshots of the OnlinePulse tool

OnlinePulse MVP

OnlinePulse is a platform for monitoring the uptime of web pages. It is suitable for web masters and web site owners who want to make sure their websites are running smoothly 24/7. The tool notifies users of potential problems or downtimes.

A worker soldering a motherboard

Sustainable electronic component buying made simple

Development of a cloud-based big data search engine and analyzer tool that simplifies buying of electronic components.

The platform leverages AI and a sophisticated alternative matching algorithm to maximize savings without sacrificing quality.

A number of convenient charts support the users throughout their search and analysis journey. Modern account creation and login functionalities are guaratee for an intuitive and efficient UX experience.

Two people high-fiving on a go-karts

Electric go-karts in the cloud

Our team supported the development of the highest quality real-time low-latency end-to-end IoT software platform for professional championship electric go-karts of the future.

The product offered by our client is one of the market leaders worldwide. It is used by professional pilots and helps them vastly improve their racing capabilities and style.

A worker fxing a utility pole

Real-time monitoring for electrical substations

Development of a prototype for an end-to-end solution to monitor electrical substations.

The product improves responsiveness, reduces maintenance costs, and prevents incidents for electrical companies in their substations. The monitoring of critical and expensive infrastructure is performed in real time via high-quality sensors and reliable LTE connectivity.

A convenient web-based dashboard is available for the staff.

A worker driving forklift in a factory

Automating supply-chain workflows in the electronics industry

We successfully automated requesting stock from suppliers for our client. The solution is a dedicated web-based software system integrated into a larger software ecosystem.

By utilizing data collection, validation, and smart reminders both suppliers and our client successfully increase their business volume, minimize mistakes, and dramatically speed up the process, saving thousands of hours of manual work per year.