Technology in the Bar: Why and How Software Ages?

Sofia, Bulgaria, last week, Future-proof Software had the honor of presenting in the “Technology in the Bar” after-work event series, which is organized by PARAi (Professional Association for Robotics, Automation, and Innovation). Our presentation focused on the acute, and at the same time, neglected topic of software aging.

The phenomenon of software aging represents a significant and growing challenge, especially in the context of AI-driven software engineering. A large number of software products become outdated and legacy too quickly, resulting in either their disposal or complete rewrite. The fast pace of the IT industry imposes a significant impact on software development and usage lifecycles.

The vibrant discussion that followed our presentation, continuing well into the networking segment of the event, was both enlightening and motivating for us. This gives us confidence that there is an urgent need to further explore the topic and provide effective strategies to mitigate it.

Picture from the Event - "Technology in the Bar"